At Orange Photonics, we are building products and services that support efficient supply chain management and quality control within the cannabis industry. 


Our flagship product, LightLab™, sets the bar for accurate, repeatable, cost-effective on-site cannabis potency testing.  The services we will build around LightLab™ will collect and deliver data, enabling our customers to make better data-based decisions for their business. 

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Mars Technology For Marijuana

  • Advances in spectroscopy and photonics have placed elite technology at your fingertips. The spectroscopy engine at the heart of the device takes advantage of detection technology used on Nasa’s Curiosity rover, bringing Mars technology to marijuana.
  • Cannabis profile analysis data which used to be available in days is now available in minutes. 
  • The sampling process is simple and streamlined which means operators can get started with minimal technical instruction.
  • Profile information is accurate and repeatable across environments and operators.