LightLab Updater Instructions

The LightLab Updater will update your LightLab with the latest firmware and/or calibration.  Not all LightLabs need to be updated. If your LightLab does not need to be updated the Updater will indicate that you have the current software. 

Release Notes

  • Enhanced calibration –  This update offers improved accuracy as well as a reduction in marginal or poor fit conditions.
  • Air detection – This new feature recognizes if air has been introduced to the system. If your LightLab does detect air the system will attempt to recover. 
  • Column life – The counter in the upper right hand of the screen will present the number of tests left in the column.  Note you may see the counter text overlap, this is a known issue and will be fixed in a later release.
  • Warm-up – An improved warm-up sequence delivers better performance when the LightLab hasn't been used for a while.

What You Will Need
Before you begin confirm you have all the components below: 

  • Your LightLab
  • LightLab charger
  • Windows PC
  • Internet connection 
  • USB cable with a micro connector on one end 
  • USB port on your PC (or USB hub connected to your PC) 

This procedure includes five quick steps: 

  1. Prepare the LightLab 
  2. Download and install the USB Serial Driver 
  3. Connect the USB cable 
  4. Download and run the LightLab Updater 
  5. Install your updates
  6. Reboot LightLab
  7. Confirm Update

Start Your Update

Step 1: Prepare the LightLab

  • Connect Charger - Connect the LightLab charger to the unit to ensure your LightLab will not power-down during the update process.
  • Power On - Power on the LightLab, and wait for the self-test and warm-up to complete. Once the screen shows "Select Sample Type" proceed to the next step. Do not touch the screen until the update is complete. 

Step 2: Download and installing the USB Serial Driver
A USB Serial Driver is a bit of software that allows Windows to talk to the LightLab across the USB cable. This Driver may already be installed on your PC, but you should run the Installer just to be sure.

  • Double Check - Ensure that the USB cable is NOT connected to the LightLab. 
  • Download the Serial Installer - Click here to download the Serial Installer. If your browser warns you about downloading this file, just ignore the warning and proceed with the download.
  • Open the file - Once the download is complete, open the file (this will run the Installer):
    • If the Driver is already installed (as shown here), just click Done.
    • If the Driver is not installed, click Install and complete the installation.
Step 2. USB Serial Driver Installation

Step 2. USB Serial Driver Installation

Step 3: Connect the USB cable
The USB cable has a large connector (the "A" end) and a small connector (the "Micro B" end). Connect the A end to your PC (or hub), and connect the Micro B end to the LightLab. Note that USB connectors have a "top" and "bottom" so you might need to flip the connector to get it to plug in. 

Step 3. Connect the USB

Step 3. Connect the USB

Step 4. Download and run LightLab Updater

Step 4. Download and run LightLab Updater

Step 4: Download and run the LightLab Updater
The Updater is the program that installs the update.

  • Download the LightLab Updater - Click here to download the LightLab Updater. If your browser warns you about downloading this file, just ignore the warning and proceed with the download. 
  • Open the file to run the Updater. The Updater will first ask you to connect to the LightLab. If the USB cable is connected and Serial Driver is installed, the Updater will find the "port"
  • Click Connect - Once connected, the Updater will retrieve current information from the LightLab, then retrieve update information for this unit from the Internet.

Step 5: Install Your Updates
If there are updates for your LightLab, the Updater will display the updates available:

Step 5. Update Available

Step 5. Update Available


  • Press the Install Update button to install these updates. The Updater will show progress as it installs the updates:

Step 6: Reboot LightLab
A dialog box will indicate that your LightLab has been updated.  It may automatically restart, however please complete the following reboot procedure: 

  1. Click OK in the dialog box, which will close the Updater program
  2. Turn LightLab's power off, wait 10 seconds, then turn it on again (it’s OK to turn power off even if LightLab is automatically restarting).
  3. LightLab will go through System Check and Warmup – you may skip the warmup if you don’t plan to use the LightLab after update.

Step 7: Confirm Update
After reboot is complete, confirm the install was successful with these simple steps:

  1. Open "Windows Explorer"
  2. Navigate to "Downloads"
  3. Open "LightLab Updater.exe"
  4. LightLab Updater will indicate that your LightLab software is current. 
  5. Disconnect the USB cable.
  6. Your LightLab is up-to-date!

If you have any questions about these updates please contact Orange Photonics Customer Support at (603) 573-9212 x 2 or