LightLab Analyzer (Deposit)

LightLab Analyzer
LightLab Analyzer

LightLab Analyzer (Deposit)


Price: $13,500
Deposit: $6250
Sold in US and Canada only.

Your LightLab comes to you fully calibrated and with all the accessories you need to run a sample. A complimentary Concentrate Test Kit, which includes the supplies to run 25 tests, comes with your LightLab.

Product Option (available at checkout):

  1. Standard Cannabis Model

  2. Cannabis Model + Hemp Compliance Mode (+/- 0.3% THC)

Accessory Options:

  • Workbench Fluidics Setup - Used with large solvent bottles to enable less bottle switching and more back-to-back tests.

  • Extended Warranty - Extends the standard warranty to two years and includes on calibration service.

  • Flower or Concentrate Test Kit Annual Subscription - Save time and money by purchasing in bulk and scheduling regular deliveries.


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Upon receipt of your deposit, and acceptance of your order, you will receive an invoice for the balance due. If you would like to take advantage of a 5% full prepayment discount on your LightLab(s) or pay by debit or credit card, wire, check, or ACH you can make that selection at checkout. For billing questions please contact or call (603) 573-9212 x 1 during business hours.

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