District Derp’s Co-Owner, Chris, running samples on LightLab. Look for District Derp on social media to learn about their cutting-edge operation.

LightLab 3 is shipped to you calibrated and ready to run. After you have run 1,000 tests or after one year, whichever comes first, return your LightLab to Orange Photonics for a calibration service. LightLab calibrations use Certified Reference Standards.

The only hands-on maintenance required is the easy task of replacing the Selective Separation Column every 25 tests. LightLab runs a self-cleaning cycle automatically and therefore it does not require manual cleaning or flushing.

LightLab Operating Expense

Like all lab-based liquid chromatography instrumentation, LightLab uses solvent to extract the cannabinoids from the sample. The same LightLab Extraction Solvent is also used as a carrier solution (mobile phase). LightLab Plant or Concentrate Test Kits include everything you need to run a sample in one economic package that includes vials, syringes, solvents, filters and Selective Separation Columns. Cost per test varies depending on the volume of tests required, but typically fall in the $3-5 price range.


Your LightLab Cannabis Analyzer comes with a standard one-year factory warranty. An extended 2-year warranty option with calibration service is available.